Natural Point Pendant

Natural Point Pendant

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Psychic protection and spiritual purification.  Emits peaceful energy.  Helps to overcome addictions.  Connects with divine or spiritual energies and is a great aid in meditation.  Dispels anger, fear and anxiety.  Very good stone for going through any major transition.

The "merchants stone", used to attract wealth and prosperity.  It inspires creative energy and optimism and gives one the personal power and will to manifest or bring energy into form.  It also provides the focus and endurance to do so.  Cleansing stone, absorbs and transmutes negative energy making a great protector for any environment.  One of the few stones that never needs cleansing or clearing.

Smoky Quartz
This stones grounds while at the same time raising ones vibrations.  It absorbs electromagnetic smog and fills the space with positive vibrations. relieves fear and lifts depression, dissolving negative emotions.  It aids in accepting the physical body.  Helps to manifest one's dreams.  Counters negative effects of radiation and alleviates nightmares.

Clear Quartz
Clearing stone.  Can program for any purpose.  Great for meditation, bringing clarity to the mind.  Increases energy and vibrations of space.  Quartz is an amplifier.  Use to enhance other stones, psychic abilities, prayers, etc.