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Mini Candles
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Mini Candles

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Dimensions: 4 inches tall and 1/2 inch diameter.

These candles are great for divination! They are unscented, so you can add whatever oils or herbs you feel drawn to work with. They are a like a blank canvas for magic. 

Each color specializes in its own area. You can associate the candles to the chakras, or to whatever personal associations you have with those colors. 

Here's some general uses with the colors (Note: these are not universally true of all colors!) :

Black: protection, absorbing, banishing
Brown: grounding, emotional intelligence, connection with Gaia
Red: root work, grounding, personal power, attraction
Orange: sacral chakra, sexuality, creativity, emotional healing
Yellow: solar plexus, personal power, boundary setting, igniting your fire, confidence 
Green: heart, grief, gratitude, self love, divine love, bridging chakras together
Blue: throat, expression, boundary work, invoking truth
Purple: crown, divine connection, peace, calmness
Pink: self love, divine feminine
Gray: neutrality, balancing yin and yang, calming inner drama