Aura Casia Jojoba skin care oil 4 fl oz bottle

Jojoba Skin Care Oil

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4 fl. oz. bottle

Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) oil is one of the most common skincare oils. It serves a natural skin moisturizer and is an ideal carrier oil for essential oils, because it’s stable, absorbs quickly, and has no distinguishing aroma of its own. 

Jojoba oil does not block pores and is readily absorbed by the skin. Due to this, it is ideally suited to all skin types. 

Jojoba is a wax, which gives is some different uses from other skincare oils. It doesn't oxidize, so it has a long shelf life and is stable in environments where other oils may falter.

In addition to blending well with essential oils, it also blends well with other skincare oils.

Due to the nature of this oil, cloudiness or particles in oil may occur.

From Aura Cacia