Chakra Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone & Lava Beads

Chakra Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone & Lava Beads

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Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Iolite, Amethyst, Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone.  Plus 2 lava beads to add your favorite essential oil. 

Helps balance your root chakra.  Passion, love and devotion.  Stone of commitment.  Balances sex drive.  Stimulates kundalini energy.  Removes inhibitions and taboos.  Energizing and regenerating.  Extracts negative energies from the chakras.

Helps balance your sacral chakra.  Courage, motivation and creativity.  Restores vitality and the love for life.  Removes fear of death.  Gives confidence and passion and therefore promotes success in business and other matters.  Keeps one from procrastinating.  Protects one from envy, resentment and rage (yours and others).  Use to cleanse other stones.

Helps balance your solar plexus chakra.  “Merchants Stone”, used to attract wealth and prosperity.  Inspires creative energy and optimism and gives one the personal power and will to manifest or bring energy into form.  Also provides the focus and endurance to do so.  Cleansing stone, absorbs and transmutes negative energy making a great protector for any environment.  One of the few stones that never needs cleansing or clearing. 

Helps balance your heart chakra.  An incredibly uplifting stone, peridot is associated with well-being, positivity and joy.  It is a stone of abundance and can be used to attract wealth and financial stability.  It helps to expel feelings of fear and guilt and helps one move forward in their personal evolution, thus balancing their karma.

Helps balance your throat and third eye chakras.  An excellent stone for shamanic journeying, iolite helps one connect to their deepest self. It helps one overcome fear of the unknown and teaches one to heal the inner self by going deeper into personal wounds.  It is also a stone of creative expression, perfect for writers, musicians and visual artists. 

Helps balance your crown chakra.  Psychic protection and spiritual purification.  Emits peaceful energy.  Helps to overcome addictions.  Connects with divine or spiritual energies and is a great aid in meditation.  Dispels anger, fear and anxiety.  Very good stone for going through any major transition.

Clear Quartz
Helps balance all of your chakras.  Clearing stone.  Can program for any purpose.  Great for meditation, bringing clarity to the mind.  Increases energy and vibrations of space.  Quartz is an amplifier.  Use to enhance other stones, psychic abilities, prayers, etc.

Rainbow Moonstone
Helps balance your third eye and crown chakras.  Stone of new beginnings.  Soothes the emotions.  Develops intuition and psychic abilities.  Promotes patience with the understanding of Divine timing.  Having a strong feminine energy, it can be used to balance overly masculine traits or to bring out one's feminine side. 

Lave Beads
Good for grounding and protection.  Add a drop of your favorite essential oil and it will last all day.