7 African Powers Oil 4 Dram

7 African Powers Oil 4 Dram

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This oil has a deep connection to seven of the most revered Orishas: shu Elegbara, Ogun, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango and Oya. This oil is a multidimensional oil with many uses: road opening, empowerment, protection, abundance, healing, love etc. 

The Orishas are spirits that come from the religion of the Yoruba. In this religion there is one supreme being that created the universe, and the Orishas are those spirits that were entrusted with watching over creation. The Yoruba religion transformed and evolved throughout the 16th and 19th century during slavery when people of the West African Yoruba Tribe were enslaved and brought over to the West. Despite isolation and separation from African traditions, the energy and belief systems of the Yoruba religion remain intact on a foundational level. 

Each of the Orishas represented in this oil govern different aspects of existence and consciousness. Each deity could be said to represent a chakra.

  • Shu Elebara, sometimes referred to as Papa Legba or Elegua, is a messenger between the spirit and material world, and governs the crossroads. You can invoke him to open up the road for you, or make communication easier between spirits. 
  • Ogun is associated with iron and alchemy. He teaches us that energy can both be creative and destructive. 
  • Obatala is a peaceful Orisha, who governs over legal matters.
  • Yemaya is the Great Mother who is associated with the ocean. She is a great protector of women and children.
  • Oshun is the Mother of Rivers. Some consider Yemaya and Oshun to be sisters. She is the embodiment of love.
  • Shango is symbolically associated with fire, thunder, and war. He embodies passion, vitality, and power.
  • Oya is the untamed woman. She embodies turbulence, storm and is said to be the gatekeeper of the underworld, or gates of death. 

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