Linda Sherwin

Astrology, Feng Shui and Lenormand Tarot

Your birth chart describes your potential. It describes, not defines. You choose how you want to use that potential. Information IS power!
Some traits we're born with. Others we've picked up along the way. But ultimately how we react to and make the most of our opportunities all comes down to choices.
Reasons to get a reading:
- You need an answer to a question
- You want to know what is coming up
- You face a life change
- You'd like to know more about a relationship
- You want to know how past life emotional patterns are affecting you in this lifetime
- You would like a yes/no answer to a specific question
- You'd like to compare your chart with a partner, friend, or colleague
For the most accurate answers, leave your birth date, time and location (city and state) (a reading can be done without this time and place sensitive information, too).
Linda combines her 40 year love of astrology with a Masters Degree in counseling from Lindenwood University, 2005. She studies astrology with Steven Forrest, a noted practitioner, lecturer and world wide teacher and has practiced it professionally for 4 years. She served on the Board of Kepler College, one of the first accredited colleges of astrologically based studies in Seattle, Washington. Currently, she is a board member and lecturer at the Astrological Association of St. Louis. Linda brings a practical, therapeutic approach, always seeking metaphysical tools to make life better.
For tarot, she uses the LeNormand Cards in a horoscope layout, allowing her to blend astrology and tarot.
Linda studied in the Western School of Feng Shui with author Terah Collins in San Diego and have been doing on-site consultations and classes for several years.
In-Store Availability
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