Íyalorisha Baba Miwa "ChiNaka"

Seer, Spiritual and Tarot Card Reader

Initiated African –Caribbean Priestess & Espiritista
Íyalorisha Baba Miwa "ChiNaka" is a Lukumi Priest (popularly known as Yoruba tradition) & Espiritista/Spiritualist who began seeing spirits as a child. As a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient medium she provides spiritual and tarot card readings to connect with ancestors, spiritual guides, provide insights on health, love, spells, money, and more. Trained by an elder priest with over 30 years of experience with Voodoo, Palo, and Lukumi she also provides spiritual cleanings for ones home and business. She also is the creator of Simple Prayer Spiritual Products, including spiritual baths for clarity, dispelling negativity, enlightenment, and sweetness.
“Her wisdom surpasses that of this plane, as she connects with her clients and those she advises in the highest good possible. During my experience with her, her readings have been nothing short of enlightening, helpful and true. As a priestess, her perspective is that of a very underrepresented population and spiritual practice, her readings encompass the teachings of spiritual masters beyond traditional Western thought. There is no doubt in my mind as to her power and her presence.”
-Rebecca, Financial Planner-St. Louis, MO
“As someone who is familiar with Haitian Voodoo and other African-based spiritual traditions, ChiNaka is always compassionate and VERY straightforward. I am clear and more focused after each reading.”
-Daya, Artist-New York, NY
Online Availability
3rd Sundays 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

30 minutes = $66.50
45 minutes = $88.50
60 minutes = $133.50