Coil Gemstone Pendant

Coil Gemstone Pendant

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White Metal with natural gemstone.  Comes on black cord.

Truth and communication, ability to express your own higher truth.  Assists in overcoming fear of confrontation.  Helps with setting boundaries.  Balances male/female energies.  Alleviates fears and worries.

Psychic protection and spiritual purification.  Emits peaceful energy.  Helps to overcome addictions.  Connects with divine or spiritual energies and is a great aid in meditation.  Dispels anger, fear and anxiety.  Very good stone for going through any major transition.

A stone of protection, healing, physical vitality, strength and courage.  Great physical healing stone, especially for blood disorders, circulation or removing toxins.

Green Aventurine
Stone of good luck.  Prosperity, physical and emotional healing.  Heals and protects the heart.  Encourages hope and optimism.

Black Obsidian
Grounding and psychic protection.  Repels negativity and unloving thoughts.  Increases self control.  Brings shadow aspects to the surface for healing.  Use for addictions, abusive behavior and releasing negative or undesirable traits.

Nurturing and healing stone.  Helps with courage and wisdom.  Carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making it beneficial for grounding, stability and strength

Calms nerves.  Extremely useful in relieving stress, worries, fears, grief or any traumatic emotion.  This stone contains lithium making it effective in treating depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder and any sort of emotional or mental dependency including addictions.  Also good for halting obsessive thoughts and insomnia due to stress and worry.  Prevents nightmares.  Place this stone on your computer to clear electromagnetic smog.

Rainbow Moonstone
Stone of new beginnings.  Soothes the emotions.  Develops intuition and psychic abilities.  Promotes patience with the understanding of Divine timing.  Having a strong feminine energy, it can be used to balance overly masculine traits or to bring out one's feminine side. 

Clear Quartz
Clearing stone.  Can program for any purpose.  Great for meditation, bringing clarity to the mind.  Increases energy and vibrations of space.  Quartz is an amplifier.  Use to enhance other stones, psychic abilities, prayers, etc.

Rose Quartz
Stone of unconditional love.  Teaches love, compassion and forgiveness, for self and others.   Heals the heart and releases past emotional trauma.  Provides comfort during times of grief or any type of heartache.  Attracts love and restores trust, harmony and unconditional love in current relationships. 

Connects with Angels, Spirit Guides and Higher Self.  High vibration stone, bringing deep peace.  Clears blockages.  Used to form protection grids.

Excellent for mental abilities; eliminates confusion.  Brings harmony, trust and companionship to group work.  Problem solving stone.  Releases worries, fears and guilt of everyday life that can hold one back.  Reduces stress and anxiety by seeing one’s reality from a higher perspective.  

Tiger's Eye
Strength, grounding, protection and will power.  Promotes good self esteem.  Great tool for manifestation and accomplishing goals.  Creates harmony between people with different viewpoints or approaches to life.