Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets
Gemstone Chip Bracelets

Gemstone Chip Bracelets

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Truth and communication, ability to express your own higher truth.  Assists in overcoming fear of confrontation.  Helps with setting boundaries.  Balances male/female energies.  Alleviates fears and worries.

Psychic protection and spiritual purification.  Emits peaceful energy.  Helps to overcome addictions.  Connects with divine or spiritual energies and is a great aid in meditation.  Dispels anger, fear and anxiety.  Very good stone for going through any major transition.

Green Aventurine
Stone of good luck.  Prosperity, physical and emotional healing.  Heals and protects the heart.  Encourages hope and optimism.

Courage, motivation and creativity.  Restores vitality and the love for life.  Removes fear of death.  Gives confidence and passion and therefore promotes success in business and other matters.  Keeps one from procrastinating.  Protects one from envy, resentment and rage (yours and others).  Use to cleanse other stones.

Mental clarity, improves decision making.  Stabilizing energy brings structure and organization into daily life.  Brings order to chaos.  Beneficial for studying and learning.  Effective against computers and EMF's.  Aids in seeing truth behind illusion.

Passion, love and devotion.  Stone of commitment.  Balances sex drive.  Stimulates kundalini energy.  Removes inhibitions and taboos.  Energizing and regenerating.  Extracts negative energies from the chakras.

Red Jasper
Powerful stone for working with nature spirits and Earth healing.  Brings hope and renewal, assists in any situation where one has lost interest in life.  Brings strength to calmly deal with challenging issues.  Useful for past life healing.  Helps one to remember their dreams.

Mystical and protective stone.  Bringer of Light.  Clears and protects the aura by ridding it of unwanted energies and by creating a protective barrier.  Banishes fears and insecurities.  Strengthens faith and trust in yourself and the universe.  Good for magical/ritual work offering psychic protection and assisting to pierce the veil.

Enhances dream work and psychic abilities.  Assists in contacting spirit guides and accessing past lives.  Stimulates personal and spiritual power, facilitating self knowledge and reflection.  Encourages self expression and speaking with honesty, compassion, and integrity.  Improves intellectual abilities being useful for both students and teachers. Quickly releases stress and can relieve migraines.

Stone of new beginnings.  Soothes the emotions.  Develops intuition and psychic abilities.  Promotes patience with the understanding of Divine timing.  Having a strong feminine energy, it can be used to balance overly masculine traits or to bring out one's feminine side. 

Snowflake Obsidian
Stone of purity.  Balances body, mind and spirit.  Attunes one to animal totems.  Helps one to overcome “poor me” or victimization attitudes.

Helps balance your heart chakra.  An incredibly uplifting stone, peridot is associated with well-being, positivity and joy.  It is a stone of abundance and can be used to attract wealth and financial stability.  It helps to expel feelings of fear and guilt and helps one move forward in their personal evolution, thus balancing their karma.

Stone of dreaming and remembering.  Stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer.  Connects to Archangel Raphael and other spiritual beings.  Enhances one’s ability to prophesy.  Cooling and grounding energy brings peace and protection to one’s environment.  Creates a wonderful healing space.  Teaches how to be in harmony with nature.  Useful for decluttering or for hoarders by restoring trust in the universe.

Clear Quartz
Helps balance all of your chakras.  Clearing stone.  Can program for any purpose.  Great for meditation, bringing clarity to the mind.  Increases energy and vibrations of space.  Quartz is an amplifier.  Use to enhance other stones, psychic abilities, prayers, etc.

Rutilated Quartz
A stone of will and determination, rultilated quartz activates the higher mind and helps one connect with their spiritual side.  It also amplifies intentions and emotions, helping one feel less overwhelmed. 

Rose Quartz
Stone of unconditional love.  Teaches love, compassion and forgiveness, for self and others.   Heals the heart and releases past emotional trauma.  Provides comfort during times of grief or any type of heartache.  Attracts love and restores trust, harmony and unconditional love in current relationships. 

First aid stone useful to heal emotional shock.  Clears old emotional wounds to transmute emotions such as anger, resentment, codependency, betrayal and abandonment.  Helps one to discover and develop hidden talents and use them for the highest good.  Encourages generosity.    

Excellent for mental abilities; eliminates confusion.  Brings harmony, trust and companionship to group work.  Problem solving stone.  Releases worries, fears and guilt of everyday life that can hold one back.  Reduces stress and anxiety by seeing one’s reality from a higher perspective

Tiger's Eye
Strength, grounding, protection and will power.  Promotes good self esteem.  Great tool for manifestation and accomplishing goals.  Creates harmony between people with different viewpoints or approaches to life.

Grounding and protection stone.  Transmutes and purifies negative energy.  Protects from cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attacks and ill wishing.  Releases chronic worry, stress and anxiety.  Overcomes obsessive and compulsive behaviors.  Assists one in keeping a positive attitude.

Healing stone.  Used in amulets as a protective stone.  Enhances communication and intuition.  Releases inhibitions and encourages creative expression.  Stimulates romantic love.  Excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.